Skull Cleaning and Services

Custom Skull Cleaning and Skeleton Articulation Services

Skulls Unlimited International, Inc. is the world's leading supplier of osteological specimens. Over 30 years ago, Skulls Unlimited pioneered the art of commercial skull cleaning. In our state of the art, 14,000 sq. foot facilities, we have cleaned hundreds of thousands of skulls and skeletons for a growing clientele of educational facilities, museums, medical facilities, zoological gardens, nature enthusiasts, collectors and taxidermists worldwide. It is the goal of Skulls Unlimited to serve all your osteological cleaning needs.

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Skull Cleaning Gallery

How do we Clean our Skulls?

Each specimen at Skulls Unlimited International Inc. is carefully prepared with the use of dermestid beetles. Museums and universities have been using this method for nearly 100 years. Skulls Unlimited has made this museum quality preparation available to all public and private interests. Finally, each specimen is degreased and whitened using a chemical process. This process is an essential step that will ensure an attractive and sanitary trophy or display piece.

Skull Mounting

European Mount / European Mount Skull

In addition to cleaning your specimens, Skulls Unlimited provides a custom skull mounting service for many species. For the cost of the mount and labor, we will mount your trophy to a custom pedestal base. Alternatively, if you would prefer to buy the pedestal and assemble it yourself, it is easy to self-mount your specimen to the base (Mounting hardware not included). This classic 9 1/2" x 13" base is available in oak and walnut finishes. It also rotates so it may be displayed as a pedestal or a wall mount. Call or email us for a skull mounting quote.

Skeleton Articulation

Custom Skeletal Articulations and Cleaning

Skulls Unlimited International provides the finest museum quality articulated and disarticulated skeletal specimens available. Each specimen is cleaned and whitened to exceed educational standards. Meticulous craftsmanship and research provide interesting and accurate poses, which clearly illustrate the uniqueness of each species.

Camo Dipped Skulls and Other Options

Camo patterns have quickly became a popular choice for our clients trophies. Our dipping process adds very little time to your turnaround, while providing the best quality in the industry.