What are the advantages of European mounts (skull mounts) over traditional taxidermy mounts?

Compared to traditional taxidermy mounts, European mounts (skull mounts) cost less than 25% of traditional taxidermy.

Do I have to skin the specimens, and do you charge extra if they have not been skinned?

No, the skulls does not need to be skinned before we receive them. You can send them in any condition, but the fresher the better. We do not charge an extra fee for unskinned or spoiled specimens.

How much do I need to pay when I send my skulls for cleaning?

Nothing. We will not charge you a deposit to have your skull cleaned. We will contact you about payment when your skull is finished and is ready to be shipped back to you. Alternatively, you are welcome to pay for the cleaning up front if you would prefer to do so.

Can I drop off skulls for cleaning instead of shipping them to you?

Yes. If you would prefer to drop off your skulls in person, you are welcome to do so. Please call us at 1-800-659-SKULL or (405)794-9300 for directions. During Oklahoma’s gun season for deer we will be open extended hours Monday-Friday as well as every Saturday. Be sure to call for these hours.

How long does it take to clean my skulls?

Approximately three to four months; however, every skull cleans differently and during certain times of the year the volume of orders will slow down the process. We make every effort to return your order to you as promptly as possible.

Do you use bugs, and what kind?

Yes. In most cases Skulls Unlimited uses dermestid beetles to remove the flesh, just like most museums.

Are the jaws and/or horns attached when I get my skulls back?

The jaws and/or horns are not attached to the skulls unless you request them attached.  Additionally, certain species, such as Deer, Elk, Moose etc. will not have their jaws cleaned and returned unless requested; these species are noted as such on our Price List page. In most instances with horned animals, the horns are removed during cleaning. When we do so, the horns are returned to you with the skulls and will easily slide back onto the skull. Antlers are never removed from the skull and will be returned completely intact.

Do you mount skulls to plaques for display?

Yes. Skull Unlimited now offers both wall pedestals, as well as table top pedestals for most horned or antlered species at an additional charge.

Do you put anything on the skulls?

Yes. Skulls Unlimited puts a sealer on the skulls to protect them from their environment.

Will my skulls shrink when you clean them?

Our process is designed to ensure your skulls do not shrink beyond normal drying.

How will I know that the skulls I receive are my skulls?

We use non-removable, individually numbered plastic banding tags that are attached to every skull when it arrives at our facility. The cleaning acknowledgment you receive after your skulls are accepted into our system lists the numbers on the skull tags.

Is the listed cleaning price the total for having each of my skulls cleaned?

No. Skulls Unlimited charges a 7.5% bio-hazardous disposal surcharge to properly dispose of the byproducts used to clean, sanitize and whiten your skull. Return shipping is also not included in the cleaning price. These are added to the total on your invoice when your specimens are ready to be picked up.

If I send multiple specimens for cleaning, will they be returned to me individually?

No. If you send us more than one skull for cleaning in the same package, we will wait until all of the specimens are finished to save you money on return shipping. However, if you would prefer to have certain items from your order returned to you earlier, you are welcome to request we ship them back to you when they are finished and ready.