Skeleton Articulation



Skulls Unlimited International provides the finest museum quality articulated and disarticulated skeletal specimens available. Each specimen is cleaned and whitened to exceed educational standards. Meticulous craftsmanship and research provide interesting and accurate poses, which clearly illustrate the uniqueness of each species.

Skulls Unlimited’s articulations bring anatomy and behavior together for a breathtaking display. Disarticulated skeletons make comparative anatomy easy by opening the door to side by side comparison of individual bones. Unassembled specimens also offer an unforgettable hands-on learning experience about the attachment of joints and muscles as well as show the strength and intricacy of the underlying frame of many animals.

Please consider Skulls Unlimited for your next cleaning or articulation project. Call or email us for custom articulation quotes.

All of the skeletons below were articulated for other Skulls Unlimited clientele and are not available for sale. Please contact us for your custom articulation needs.