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What Services Do We Offer?

Skull Cleaning

  • Museum-Quality Preparation: Utilizing dermestid beetles for precise cleaning, a process trusted by museums and universities for nearly 100 years.
  • Expert Finishing: Each specimen undergoes degreasing and whitening for an attractive, sanitary display.
  • Guaranteed Quality: Ensuring no shrinkage, cracking, or damage for the finest condition of your specimen.

Skull Mounting

  • Personalized Mounting Service: Custom pedestal or engraved plaque mounting for your trophy with personal details.
  • DIY Pedestal Base: Oak or walnut bases for easy assembly, suitable for both pedestal and wall displays.
  • Rotatable Design: Versatile, rotatable bases for dynamic trophy presentation.


NEW Metal Skull Bracket Mounts:

  • The Bull Bracket: Ideal for trophies requiring extra wall spacing, robustly supporting over 100 pounds.
  • The Buffalo Bracket: Perfect for buffalo, moose, or cattle skulls, strong and simple, without needing extra wall spacing.
  • The Bambi Bracket: Designed for smaller game like young deer and wolf, robustly supporting up to 50 pounds, distinct in durability and strength.
  • The Buck Bracket: The most robust mount for small to medium-sized game, easy to install, capable of holding over 100 pounds.
  • The Table Bracket: Elegant for tabletop displays, ensures stability and strength, suitable for a range of small to medium-sized game skulls.

Camouflage Dipped Skulls

  • Diverse Camo Options: Offering a wide range of camouflage patterns to suit varied preferences.
  • Popular Choice: Camo patterns have become a favorite among clients for trophy customization.
  • Efficient Process: Our dipping method adds minimal time to turnaround, ensuring swift service.
  • Industry-Leading Quality: Committed to providing the best quality camouflage dipping in the industry.

Skeletal Articulation

  • Museum-Quality Articulations: Offering the finest in both articulated and disarticulated skeletal specimens.
  • Custom Articulation Projects: Contact us for custom articulation services tailored to your needs.
  • Enhanced Learning Experience: Disarticulated skeletons not only enable detailed comparative anatomy studies but also offer a hands-on experience in understanding animal anatomy.
  • Accurate Displays with Anatomical Insights: Expert craftsmanship in our articulations vividly showcases each species’ uniqueness and integrates anatomical details with behavioral traits.

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  • Extensive Collection: Choose from over 1,000 real and replica skulls and bones available at SkullsUnlimited.com.
  • Diverse Selection: Catering to a wide range of preferences and needs, from educational to collector’s items.
  • Convenient Online Shopping: Easily browse and purchase from our extensive catalog with just a click.