Skulls Unlimited's Skull Cleaning Policies

In the United States  Call 1-800-659-SKULL
or Call 405-794-9300
Fax us at: 405-794-6985
E-Mail your comments or questions to:

Skulls Unlimited Tagging System

Skulls Unlimited International uses non-removable banding straps. These tags are individually numbered to assure proper return. Your skulls are tagged the moment they arrive at our facility.


Detailed shipping instructions may be found on our Shipping page. Specimens should be well frozen. Package skulls by wrapping in newspaper and place in a sealed plastic bag. Ship specimens on Monday to assure arrival by Friday. This is important because leaking, foul-smelling packages cause difficulty. If you ship on days other than a Monday, please ship so that your parcal will arrive by Friday to avoid sitting over the weekend.

Hard sided coolers may be used and will be returned upon request. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us.


Skulls Unlimited International will not be responsible for any damage incurred from shipping, field care, or processing in our facilities. Every effort will be taken to care for your specimens in our laboratory and during return shipment. If excessive damage is noted upon receiving, you will be notified.

Bio-Hazardous Disposal Fee

Due to the escalating cost of biohazardous and hazardous disposal fees, Skulls Unlimited International collects a 7.5% surcharge to your order to help offset this cost. This surcharge may vary with fluctuating oil cost.



Credit Card: Your credit card is preferred. You will not be invoiced until your order is completed. If you are a regular customer and we have your card number on file your order will be returned without being notified when your order is complete, unless you request to be contacted.

Check: If you prefer to pay by check or money order, please wait for your acknowledgement to receive a statement of costs.


Return Shipment

Every effort will be taken to assure proper and safe return of your specimens. Each order is insured for the cost of cleaning services only, plus a fair market value for the specimen. If excessive insurance is desired, you must notify us of your wishes. Please allow as much as 20% of your total for return shipping. Due to fluctuating oil costs, shipping charges are subject to change.

Return Time

Every effort will be made to return your specimen within 2 to 4 months. However, occasional production difficulties may delay your order. During this time, please be patient as every effort is being made to process your order in a timely manner. You will be notified of any such delay.