Paddlefish / Spoonbill - Skull Cleaning

Paddlefish / Spoonbill

Transform your trophy into an elegant display with our expert cleaning and shadow boxing services, designed to celebrate your fishing achievements with sophistication.

Reminder! E-Check Required Before Drop-Off

For a seamless drop-off experience, please ensure your paddlefish is properly documented according to Oklahoma Wildlife Department regulations. Here’s a quick guide on what you need to do:

  • Tag the Fish: Immediately secure your catch with your customer ID number as a tag.
  • Report Your Harvest: Within 24 hours, utilize the Oklahoma Wildlife Department’s online E-Check system to officially report your catch.
  • Confirmation Number: You’ll receive a unique confirmation number upon completing the E-Check process. This number is essential and must be provided at the time of drop-off.

We cannot accept any paddlefish without this crucial confirmation number. This policy ensures that all catches comply with state regulations, helping to maintain the integrity of our local ecosystems.

For detailed information on the regulations and the E-Check process, please click the button below.